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Dean introduction
Liu Wenjing
Bluesail College Dean

“Develop the enterprise and train personnel” is Bluesail’s constant theme. Bluesail’s corporate mission is to fully develop our employees’ potential, so that they can assume the historical mission that the organization has entrusted them with. At the same time, Bluesail College helps employees to realize their personal values and goals so as to achieve mutual development for both the enterprise and our employees. Not only has Bluesail College cultivated a team of outstanding professional managers who support the development of the enterprise, but they have also made outstanding contributions to the promotion of our corporate culture and building a learning-oriented organization, and have helped build the foundations and develop the ever-growing heritage of an enduring Bluesail!

Promotion channel
Curriculum module:
  • Elite Team Leadership Class

    Reserve Talent Class

  • Professional Management Class

    Reserve General Management Class

  • Technical Production Classes

    Marketing Seminar

  • HR Training Class

    Internal Lecture Courses