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BlueSail Group

A World-class enterprise based on technological progress and Continuing liability

Founded in 2003,Blue Sail Group ,as a privated enterprise ,is located in Linzi District,Zibo City ,has more than 5,000 employees.The company develops from chemical industry , makes’ Bigger downstream,push forward middlestream,and break through upstream’ as their development strategy and achieve vertical integration development on upstream and down stream chain by establishing the gold industry chain.

At present, Blue Sail Group's business mainly covers two sections: chemical plate (not listed) and medical plate (listed).Blue Sail always adhere to ‘ customer demand as the core, product quality as a fundamental’ and’ Internal management, external market’.Though under high pressure economic environment in 2016 ,it  actively faces to challenge and achieves sustained and steady development.  

BlueSail Medical
Bluesail Medical Overview

Blue Sail Medical Co., Ltd (Former Shandong Blue Sail Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd ),‘Blue Sail Medical’ for short, founded in 2003,is a Mainland-Hongkong joint venture ,a subordinates medical plate of Blue Sail Group. As the world’s largest manufacture of health protective gloves, Blue Sail Medical is successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in April 02, 2010(Stock Code 002382) and is the only listed company in domestic health protctive gloves industry, also as ‘PVC Gloves Research Center in Shandong Province’. In September 2004,Blue Sail wins ‘Chinese Famous Brands’.

Since 2012, Blue Sail Medical has become the leading enterprise in the industry. For broader development space and stage,it begins to carry out their own transformation and upgrading and exploration. At present, our strategy planning is “industrial + capital" as driving force ,and “stock increase + incremental development” as operationg wings, and with depth development in the field of health protective industry,reach a new heights on protective and medical health fields.

Strategic Planning
In October 2016, China goverment put forward long-term strategic plan for health field at the national level for the …
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Exploring and Sharing
 In accordance with the company's overall strategic development ideas, Blue Sail Medical actively respond t…
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Development History
  • The Fist Year Of Sailing


  • Outstanding Year of Operation


  • Coordinated Development Year


  • Happy Growth Year


Company culture


Is a state of mind, is a low attitude of life, high realm of life. Open is the altruistic heart, frankly admit mistakes, change with the times, change yourself, influence others.


it is a kind of virtue. No real exoteric without tolerance,with inclusive mind, you can open your mind, think more flexibly, and get a good relationship between the upper and lower levels, forming a team work force


According to the system, not by human but by the rule of law, everything need accordance with the system of standardized management

alent development philosophy

if you are an eagle, we will give you a blue sky, if you are a horse, we will give you a piece of grassland.

Business philosophy

orientation,explicit strategy,optimal operation

Employing philosophy

talented and virtuous person is put in the important position; virtuous but talentless person is put in the normal position;talented but non-virtuous person will not be used.

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